Re: MKS GEN-L V2.1 + TMC5160 = strange behaviour #mks #mount

Khalid Baheyeldin

My comment was that this is an external driver (driver model is GENERIC), rather than one
of the models we use, and therefore only Step and Dir pins are used to signal the driver,
while microstepping is set via DIP switches, so fixed for both tracking and slewing.

I don't know how you wired the DM556 to the MKS (apart from the Step and Dir). The DM556
documentation says that it allows control of microstepping programmatically. However, that also
assumes that the MKS Gen-L can signal the same pins, and that is where the problem is. I doubt
that the MKS can do that for a non-SPI driver, because it is wired only for SPI. And that means
that two of the three pins (MS0/MS1/MS2) are shared between axes. Which in turn means that
OnStep cannot signal the axes separately for different microstepping.

But the above goes against your testing which showed successful and accurate pointing after
a goto to an object.

But you said that you tested with MICROSTEPS_GOTO OFF, which makes sense. That also means
that now you are limited by the slow speed of the MKS (which may not be an issue for a heavy

Tell us what pins are connected from the MKS to the DM556, and attach your Config.h that worked.

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