28BYJ-498 Focuser config #S6

Juan Sebastian

Hi guys, im trying o use a 28BYJ-498 motor to be used as focuser in a FYSETC S& with a TMC2130,

I already did the unipolar to bipolar conversion (took of red cable and cut the line), but now im not sure about the microsteps &  AXIS4_DRIVER_IRUN that i should use with this motor and driver... can someone help me with that?

#define AXIS4_DRIVER_MODEL            TMC2130_QUIET
//    OFF, TMC2130, TMC5160. Leave OFF for all drivers models except these.         Option
#define AXIS4_DRIVER_MICROSTEPS       8 //    OFF, n. Microstep mode when tracking.                   For TMC2130, TMC5160. Option
#define AXIS4_DRIVER_IHOLD            OFF //    OFF, n, (mA.) Current standstill. OFF uses IRUN/2.0.                  "       Option
#define AXIS4_DRIVER_IRUN             55 //    OFF, n, (mA.) Current tracking, appropriate for stepper/driver/etc.   "       Option
#define AXIS4_DRIVER_POWER_DOWN       OFF //    OFF, ON Powers off the motor at stand-still.                                  Option
#define AXIS4_DRIVER_REVERSE          ON //    OFF, ON Reverses movement direction, or reverse wiring instead to correct.    Option
#define AXIS4_DRIVER_DC_MODE          OFF //    OFF, DRV8825 for pwm dc motor control on stepper driver outputs.              Option
#define AXIS4_LIMIT_MIN_RATE           50 //     50, n. Where n=1..1000 (um/s.) Minimum microns/second. In DC mode, min pwr.  Adjust
#define AXIS4_LIMIT_MIN                 0 //      0, n. Where n=0..500 (millimeters.) Minimum allowed position.               Adjust
#define AXIS4_LIMIT_MAX                90 //     50, n. Where n=0..500 (millimeters.) Maximum allowed position.               Adjust

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