Re: 12 pin cable

Martin Bonfiore

I checked and the cable I described is TPE jacket, not polyurethane..much more flexible than typical PVC over temp.  The manufacturer is Quabbin Cable and I bought it from Automation Direct.  They have several configurations in terms of number of conductors and shielded/unshielded...I went unshielded for flexibility and have had no signal integrity issues.  I know another guy who bought similar cable (high flex, wide temp range)  from the IGUS company (probably more well known for their polymeric bearings).   About the same price per foot.

The connectors you found look nice however, I have done a lot of soldering but still found soldering into an array of more than six pins in a circular configuration...well, a lot of fun, one might say.  Certainly would be nice to have one cable coming from the mount...are you concerned about the stepper drive pulses messing up the signal lines and sharing grounds?

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