Re: Problems Moving CGE Pro to Home

Stephen J McIntyre

I think i have the config changes correct and match what you have.

I am wondering if the HOME_SENSE_STATE might be the issue. When it says "HIGH, State when clockwise of home position, as seen from front" is front standing to the north of the mount looking south?

Here are the changes to pins and config that relate to limit, home and pec:

Config.h changes
#define PINMAP                   MiniPCB2 //   OFF, Choose from: MksGenL2, MiniPCB2, MaxPCB2, MaxESP3, CNC3, STM32Blue,     <-Req'd
// USER FEEDBACK ----------------------------------- see
#define LED_STATUS                    OFF //     ON, Blinks w/sidereal tracking otherwise steady on indicates activity.       Option
#define LED_STATUS2                   OFF //    OFF, ON Blinks 1s interval w/PPS sync, steady for gotos, off if in standby.   Option
// SENSORS ----------------------------------------------- see
#define HOME_SENSE                     ON //   OFF, ON*. Automatically detect and use home switches. For GEM mode only.      Option
#define HOME_SENSE_STATE_AXIS1       HIGH //   HIGH, State when clockwise of home position, as seen from front. Rev. w/LOW.   Adjust
#define HOME_SENSE_STATE_AXIS2       HIGH //   HIGH, State when clockwise of home position, as seen from above. Rev. w/LOW.   Adjust
                                          //         Signal state reverses when travel moves ccw past the home position.
#define LIMIT_SENSE                    ON //    OFF, ON* limit sense switch close to Gnd stops gotos and/or tracking.         Option
#define LIMIT_SENSE_STATE             LOW //    LOW, For NO (normally open) switches, HIGH for NC (normally closed.)          Adjust
#define PEC_SENSE                      ON //    OFF, ON*, n, sense digital OR n=0 to 1023 (0 to 3.3V or 5V) analog threshold. Option
#define PEC_SENSE_STATE              HIGH //   HIGH, Senses the PEC signal rising edge or use LOW for falling edge.           Adjust
                                          //         Ignored in ALTAZM mode.
Pins MiniPCB.h changes
// The multi-purpose pins (Aux3..Aux8 can be analog pwm/dac if supported)
#define Aux0                 19     // Status LED
#define Aux3                  4     // Limit SW, Home SW
#define Aux4                 22     // Status2 LED, Reticle LED, Home SW
// The PEC index sense is a logic level input, resets the PEC index on rising edge then waits for 60 seconds before allowing another reset
#define PecPin               23
#define AnalogPecPin         23     // PEC Sense, analog or digital
#define LimitPin           Aux0     // The limit switch sense is a logic level input normally pull high (2k resistor,) shorted to ground it stops gotos/tracking
#define Axis1_HOME         Aux3     // Sense home position (RA)
#define Axis2_HOME         Aux4     // Sense home position (Dec)

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