Stepper motors

Peter Abbey

Hello, i’m new to the concept of discussion groups, so please be gentle.

I am in the process of putting together a 12.5” F5.5 Newtonian, I was able to buy all the main components except the main mirror cell, and mounting from a deceased estate at a price I could not pass up. The tube is rolled gal steel 375 x 1830mm. At present I have it mounted in a Dobsonian just to get it up and running.

My intention is to do a permanent mount based on an English yoke type, similar, but not the same as the one pictured below. I have machined a set of worm wheels (589 11.5” and 532 10.3" tooth, they were going to be the same but due to my poor machine one ended up  a bit smaller) as well as the marching worms. The shafts are 40mm diameter and running in roller bearings.

I have assembled the blue pill kit, as well as the SHC and purchased a pair of Bigtree 2130  stepper drivers. Can anyone make a suggestion as to the actual stepper motors to use.
My reading suggests that the best choice would be one of the Nema 17 400 step motors, but what version ?? I am also going to need some help / advise on what to set the Vref to.

Any help you can give would be appreciated.

Pin on telescope mount

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