Re: I need help please


On Wed, Oct 6, 2021 at 02:13 AM, sami wrote:
I need help.
I'd like to make a guide for everyone.
I have a simple Chinese astrocamera.
how do I run this with onstep?
Many of us run our guiding with a program called PHD2 Guiding.  Download it from
and see if it is compatible with your camera.  (You can set up the program to run with a simulated mount to see if it works before you get involved with OnStep.)  In operation, PHD2 sends commands to the mount driver to make the guide corrections through the telescope driver.  With Windows-based programs this is an ASCOM-based driver which would be written in our case for OnStep. 

As someone else said, your camera may not be suitable for guiding, as it might not have the needed sensitivity or resolution.  One of the more common and relatively inexpensive guiding cameras is made by ZWO--the ASI120MM mini ($150 USD), although I've had good (but less than perfect) results with a less expensive Chinese clone.  The important thing is that the camera runs with the guiding program--OnStep is not the the program that runs the guiding camera.  

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