S6 + Dual Focuser success

Jamie Flinn

My new S6 build for EQ6 is seeing first light tonight – This is another coup for OnStep and I now have two focusers coming out of the mount and it is so much easier than to distinct drivers being used!

The OnStep APP has no issues – and thank Howard for your recent fix to the weird init NV issue – works flawlessly


Notice how one uses the INDI control panel to select your focuser – in EKO it remains the single ONSTEP LX200 – just choose your camera -



Other good stuff

  1. S6 V2.0 running TMC5160 for motors – TMC2209 for focusers
  2. Added a fan to suck any heat out of the board area but really not needed (I have a lot of fans and want to put them to use 😊)
  3. Have a bag of toggle switches coming so I can flip the BOOT 0 pins for flashing
  4. All operation is great – solving and slewing right now with no issues

In general it is a winner – Just need to figure out how to install STMCubeProgrammer on my PI so I do not have haul the laptop out to make changes on the fly


Thanks Khalid for all the help!



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