Re: MaxPCB2 + GPS +BME280, is it possible?

Dave Schwartz

Just from reading up on it, the BME280 (an I2C device) would be supported by connecting to the unused 4-pin end of the DS3231. Those 4 pins just bring the I2C bus from the 6-pin end of the DS3231 and that's the standard way of doing that on the STM32 Blue Pill PCB.

And the MaxPCB2 design on EasyEDA ( says that the second serial port (Serial4), to which you would connect the GPS, is on the 5 pin header J13 which is under the DS3231.

On 2021-10-09 10:37 a.m., Marco Lorenzi wrote:
Hi all, I am wondering if the MaxPCB can supports at the same time a GPS module (I have a U-Blox NEO 7M which works well on a FYSETC) and a BME280 (I2C).
I saw in the past somebody got it working with a GPS module (here <>) and the BME280 support is declared in the wiki, but how to connect both at the same time? Any suggestion?
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