Re: MaxPCB2 + GPS +BME280, is it possible?

Marco Lorenzi

On Sat, Oct 9, 2021 at 08:36 AM, Dave Schwartz wrote:
And the MaxPCB2 design on EasyEDA ( says that the second serial port (Serial4), to which you would connect the GPS, is on the 5 pin header J13 which is under the DS3231.
Thanks Dave. I got a bit confused as on the wiki it is reported "adding a GPS to OnStep requires specifying an otherwise un-allocated hardware serial port for GPS use..for a Teensy3.5/3.6 you could use Serial6 for instance and add the following line to Config.h: "#define SerialGPS Serial6", and serial 6 was also mentioned by the fella which used a Neo-6M in the past.. So in fact I can just use the Serial 4 for the GPS, thanks for clarifying :) 
But what about the PPS signal? Should I re-route it from the DS3231 RTC (which seems also to be incorrectly connected) to the GPS module instead?
Thanks for your suggestion :)

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