Slew speed weirdness

Martin Chapman

Morning all, I need the help of the team please.
I built a system using the MKS Gen 2 board TMC2160 drivers and 400 step motors, to convert my G11
Everything seemed to be going well but I have not had much chance to use it. When I put my bigger scope on, occasionally the motors would be noisy, after a while I figured it might be a power issue so I switched to 24V,(two old leisure batts.) This seemed to work okay but for other reasons I switched back to my WO Z71. Everything seemed okay until the first time I tried to use it at night. When I start to align, the DEC motor would make a horrible noise and stop moving, RA would be fine. Much checking of worm engagement etc. later I swopped the leads over and this time it was RA that played up. Okay I thought, maybe I have damaged the driver when I increased the load with my bigger scope. Not  having the funds to replace the driver just now, I spent some time yesterday fiddling around with it and discovered something odd. It will work okay, as long as select the lowest slew rate, (1 deg/sec), anything over that causes the fault, now, just from curiosity yesterday I discovered that I can do the star alignment, at the slowest slew rate, but, once the alignment is done, I can turn the slew rate back up, all the way to it's max, (4 deg/sec). no joy until alignment is complete, but works as it should once alignment is complete. i guess I have something wrong somewhere, but cannot imagine what it could be, especially as it all seemed to be fine when I first built it.
On Another matter, I have seen that spiral search is available, on version 4.7 onwards, I cannot find any links to anything later than V 4.3, any clues please.
Any help is much appreciated.

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