Re: FYSETC S6 V2 compilation errors #S6

Dave Schwartz

Okay... I hadn't noticed that debug LED before. It definitely does not light up when my S6 is booted into OnStep. I have a sense that this is the power-on firmware complaining that the bootloader is missing.

No response to GVP indicates OnStep is not running.

My first suggestion is that your bootloader has become corrupt. It appears that FYSETC has changed their repository structure for the S6 bootloader and the active location is now here Download the Bootloader-FYSETC_S6.hex <> one and upload it to the S6 at address 0x8000000 using the STM32CubeProgrammer. You should not have to reload OnStep because if you successfully uploaded it to 0x8010000 reloading the bootloader at 0x8000000 will not overwrite it (the bootload is not that large).

On 2021-10-13 1:14 p.m., fred1984 wrote:
I don't have an answer when I type the comman " *: GVP # " *

*DEBUG LED does not stop flashing after upload. (it starts blinking at the end of the upload). When I go back to jumper RUN , it stops flashing.*

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