Re: Best available steppers, boards, controllers, etc?

Khalid Baheyeldin

On Wed, Oct 13, 2021 at 05:12 PM, Mark Christensen wrote:
The problems people seem to have are with the boards that were originally designed for earlier model numerical control (usually 3D printer) machines, esp. the ones that were designed for earlier stepper driver mini-boards.
This assertion is incorrect.

Not all 3D printer or CNC boards are equal.

For example, the MKS Gen-L V2 is underpowered but does an adequate job if all you need is a two motors. It does support the SPI drivers (TMC2130 and TMC5160). It is low cost, so attractive as a proof of concept for some users who want to try out OnStep, before they commit to it.

The CNC V3 is speedy, but by design the ESP32 it uses is pin poor, and compromised must be made for the features that are needed. In addition to that, some minor surgery is needed, and power has to be supplied separately to the board as well as the CNC shield. Wiring for SPI is complicated too. The fact that it is cheap and fast outweigh all this for some users. 

The FYSETC S6 is speedy, and supports the SPI drivers too, and in addition to that, it supports dew heaters and much more. It is what I use, and many others do too.

With the Mini- and Maxi-PCBs, which were specifically designed for OnStep application none of those problems happen.
The Mini and Max are of course capable and speedy, but there are downsides. One has to order the PCB with a minimum quantity of 5 (or is it 10?) and with shipping it is not cheap. Then one has to source all the discrete components themselves, and put them together, which is no small feat for most people. Even if one is capable of soldering, what goes where and orientation needs to be learned, and mistakes happen.

I speak from experience as someone whose electronics knowledge was minimal. It is a steep hill to climb, and lots of time to invest.

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