Re: Best available steppers, boards, controllers, etc?

Ken Hunter


Contact me OFF Group. gmail kb7hunter

I will donate an OnStep MaxESP3 Controller in a case, a Smart Hand Controller Fully assembled in a case with coiled cord 
ready to drive your scope. Read up on the OnStep operation. You'll  be amazed at what is already programmed into the system.

In a few weeks (fingers crossed) the New (from the ground up) version calledOnStepX will be released. That does not say that there is anything wrong with the old OnStep. Just that it started off small and grew in all directions into a complex, fully capable integrated system. The new version is fully backward compatible and purpose coded in modules that makes Howard Dutton (Owner of the group and OnStep programmer) take a little more pleasure in life. At least that's the plan. This is already done and in field testing now.

I don't need any specific information for building the controller. They are configured with just a few pertinate details like mount type, worm drive gear # of teeth, intermediate gear reduction if any, and number of steps the stepper motor takes to give a full rotation. Most of us use Nema 17, 200 or 400 step/rev motors on RA and DEC and that is quite sufficient for up to a moderate 12 inch well balanced scope. Rule of thumb +++ If you can turn the drive worm wheel using your fingers, the Nema 17 will probably be big enough if tied into a 3 or more : 1 reduction and 144 or more tooth RA gear. If not, OnStep will still work fine, you'll just need to up the steppers to Nema 23 and choose a bit heftier stepper driver. or go for more reduction (higher torque but slower GOTO from a given motor/gear combination).

Listen to Khalid, Drew, Dave and Howard... Read the WIKI and whole whole message data base if you want. It's indexed and searchable for particular interesting subjects, what if's, causes and cures etc. There are a lot of guys that contribute but that is the main cast of characters that you will see here daily. I met you once at Stellafane but doubt you'll remember me. Hell, when I look in the mirror I dont remember me but it's sure good to briing back some of the memories of Mel Bartels and his SCOPE software. Too bad the Parallel Port disappeared... I still have my home made German mount with the home made electronics and no Parallel Port in sight. Sometimes LIFE just SUCKS!

Welcome to OnStep... Hang-on it's a fun ride!

Ken Hunter
Retired founder of ATM_FREE Yahoo Group

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