Re: Best available steppers, boards, controllers, etc?

Mark Christensen

Well, while some 3D/CNC boards can handle all the options, other can't, and Guy's problem was exactly the confusion caused by that situation. As you said, not all boards are equal. So I stand by what I said.
Of course they are not all equal - that is why I referred to 'earlier' boards. And that alone causes confusion to 'outsiders'.

For somebody like Guy who is working with a 'University grade' mounting the difference between a few dollars for a single PCB or $30 for a lot of five to ten boards is irrelevant. I've had to order (not for OnStep) groups of 10 custom boards for $35 to get two, one for prototyping, one for a customer/friend doesn't matter compared to my time.

Yes, some have problems with having to populate boards themselves, but that skill can be found in a lot of places.

Yes, I confess to having much too many decades of working with electronics and PCBs, dating back to vacuum tubes and discrete transistors.

Dealing with configuring the software and mounting/integrating motors is another problem for many.

So Guy has many hills to climb. But it is doable if we give him some hints and point him to the type of (local to him) people who can help.


Mark Christensen

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