Dec inaccuracy with Vixen GP #EQ5


Hi all, I converted my Vixen GP with a MiniPCB v2. I control the rig via Astroberry. I've been using the Ekos-ASTAP platesolver with an accuracy of 30 arc seconds. Notice that the platesolver needs to iterate up 10 times or fail because DEC doesn't get within the required accuracy. RA will give me 20 or even zero but Dec is always problematic. It averages at 50 to 40 arc seconds. I might get lucky and get around 20+ or 17 arc seconds.

The platesolver captures an image, solves, and slews. While RA gets within the required accuracy, Dec always overshoots or what.

I tightened the belt to remove slop. I even tightened the worm mesh a little but to no avail. My payload isn't even that heavy.

Do I have to turn on refraction? Configure backlash? Add microsteps?

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