Syncing/Align Fundamental Question....

Martin Bonfiore

Let's say I wanted to do a three star alignment after powering up the mount pointing to the NCP. 

Case one:  I then do a goto a bright star, I tweak the ra/dec until it is centered and I do a "sync".  Then repeat for two more stars.   

Case two: I power up the mount pointing to the NCP as in case one.  I start a "three star alignment" procedure (as opposed to just goto to a bright star) using the same stars as in case one.  I tweak as before and confirm for that star.  The sequence then leads me through to do two more stars, which I do and confirm. 

Is the internal, adjusted "model" in Onstep any different for these two cases?   Based on reading the onstep docs and forum, I *think* the answer is no, both give the same result, the same internal adjusted model.  

The reason I ask it that it would seem that a "sync" is a fairly simple matter of determining the offset in ra and dec for the given location....or is my thinking flawed...that a sync (and importantly, subsequent "syncs" making more sophisticated changes in the model....more sophisticated than just simple offsets?  

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