Re: Syncing/Align Fundamental Question....

Khalid Baheyeldin

Initially, OnStep required that you start an alignment on n stars, then after each star you
should accept the align from an OnStep specific client, e.g. the web interface or Android app.
That was changed to allow Sync to do the "accept align" function implicitly, provided that
an n star align was started in the first place. That opened up completing the align process
from any client that are mount agnostic (e.g. KStars/Ekos or Sky Safari).

To your questions:

Case 1 does not build a model at all, because you did not tell OnStep that you will aligning.
If OnStep is not told that you intend to align, it will not calculate a model at all, based on the
corrections you make, even if you make them.

Case 2 is where OnStep builds a model, and tells you how far off in Alt and Az is your polar

Which one you use depends on your needs. In my case, since I use plate solving and then
autoguiding, I don't bother with alignment at all, just a rough polar alignment using the
polar scope on the mount, and off I go.

If you are not autoguiding, then the error relative to the celestial pole will cause errors in
tracking (along with various other things like cone error, leveling, and so on ...)

By the way, Syncs that are done after the alignment is complete (i.e. you exhausted the
n stars) do not affect the model at all. They do refine pointing somewhat near where you
are in the sky though.

I hope that clears up the question in your last paragraph, which is basically "N/A".

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