Re: Syncing/Align Fundamental Question....

Khalid Baheyeldin

On Sat, Oct 23, 2021 at 03:48 PM, Martin Bonfiore wrote:

So if I understand that seems to imply there is no way to use plate solving with onstep to do an alignment I.e. build the model.  Is that correct?

You can absolutely use plate solving for alignment if you so wish.
Just start an align, and slew to each star, and sync on the solution coordinates.
KStars/Ekos makes that easy because you have various selections on what to do after you solve: Sync on solution coordinates, Slew to Object, or Nothing.

The options will vary with other plate solving software, but there should be a Sync option in most of them.

Note the "start an align" part? That is the key here, otherwise sync will not do anything to the model.
There even won't be a model to begin with if you don't start with that ...

Or maybe the alternative is to roughly align and then do a goto to the object of interest then plate solve and do a final sync to the object of interest and forget about refining the model….hop close to object, plate solve, then goto to object.  Am I missing something?

That is the strategy I use. As a bonus, there is a Solve and Slew option, which perfectly centers the object
within 5 arc second accuracy.

I do that because I can skip the align part, and it takes less time.
I do the polar scope rough align around 30 minutes after sunset, when plate solving is not yet possible.
Then when it is darker, I go about with autoguiding and plate solving.

One workflow is not better than the other, it is just that there is less steps for me outside ...

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