Re: How to synchronize absolute encoders?


Thank you Howard for these clarifications.

I just found the problem by looking at Thomas Westterhoff's post on the question "Problem with absolute encoder AS37".
I looked at the value of "define AXIS1_ENC_TICKS_DEG 22.22222" in config.h from SWS. There is a period (22.2222) and on the Encoder tab of the SWS page in "Encoder Configuration: Axis 1 RA / Azm" there is a comma (22.2222).
I put a point; but the result was the same. So I decided not to put anything either: 222222. And there, miracle! the sync between Axis1 (and Ax2) of Onstep is automatically synchronized with Ax1 (and Ax2) of Encoder.
After a sync on the sky map, the gotos were performed normally.

I will do some tests on the sky ... when the weather permits!

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