Re: PHD2 guide -microstep rate shifting


Miracles happend and i had 2 hours without clouds!

I just flashed the latest version and now my RA seems to ignore the reverse parameter. (This is with the MODE_SWITCH_BEFORE_SLEW) set to on. 

Fixed it for now by turning the stepper plug 180 degrees. As for the problems i had with nina slewing from the equipment tab and guiding after it:

First did a PHD2 calibration after slewing from stellarium, everything fine, calibrates and then guides just fine (i did not do a polar alignment to have it guide hard). 

After that i did a slew in NINA using the NSEW buttons on the equipment tab (this usually was a 100% guarantee for phd2 to do a huge slew instead of a small correction, confirmed that again before flashing the new firmware as well). 

First thing i noticed, the NSEW buttons that normally caused a fast slew to happen in nina now just slew REALLY slow (probably guide speed as it should). Continued guiding after slewing a bit and its guiding just fine now, so that is perfect. 

After that i did a plate solve in nina, syncing the mount, which also went fine. Then slewed and centered with the framing wizard in NINA, slewing here had the correct slew speed. 

PHD was also fine after that! I did not try a meridian flip as the clouds rolled back in at that moment! 


So thanks! Problem solved here using:

4.24M with different speed for tracking and guiding configured

- MODE_SWITCH_BEFORE_SLEW turned to ON in the config


Only thing remaining is what seems to be a bug in the AXIS reversed config, but actually its way neater to have the electronics correct i guess:) 



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