Re: Current and voltage concerns #cge-pro #maxesp3 24V? #maxesp3 #cge-pro

Stephen J McIntyre

I have not tried PEC yet. It's wired but i have not yet even tried a PEC recording so i don't know if the PEC sense works. Might be a couple of weeks until i get to it.

The PEC sense is connected to pin 23 on a Teensy4.0. So the voltage is whatever the Tennsy4.0 supplies on those pins. 

I am using a 24v power supply with an EdgeHD11 scope and guide scope. Works just fine - sounds consistently smooth when slewing at the max rate and no stalling at slower speeds. I have done one guiding test and got good results. I have not tried imaging yet.

I took some care when re-mounting the RA motor to ensure the worm gear was snug but not tight. After re-mounting, i moved the worm gear by hand through a large range to ensure it turned smoothly. The Dec worm gear on my mount is spring loaded so i didn't think i had to be as finicky. Although i also checked it by hand. I am under the impression that later versions of the CGE Pro mount also have a spring loaded RA worm gear. 

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