Simulate Alt/Azm movements in Equatorial mounts?

Patrizio Boschi <patrizio.boschi@...>

Hi, maybe it's a stupid question, but is it possible to just be stupid and simulate the Alt/Azm movement in Equatorial mounts?

So when you press "N" on the SHC, instead of going "N" and move the DEC axis, it just goes "UP" (towards zenith) moving both axes using some math for coordinate transformation. "S" would go "DOWN" (towards nadir/horizon), "W"/"E" would go left and right on the sky's circle of latitude (or whatever it's called in english).

Does OnStep already include some math/logic functions to do that?

(...And why nobody wants it? Sometimes I just want to relax with visual observations, then I just want to watch "a bit on the left" in respect of the sky when I watch it with naked eyes, and it's very hard to decide what to do when the telescope inverts some directions, the finder inverts some directions, the SHC inverts some directions, then you change position around the telescope, then you change hand which holds the SHC, the RA/DEC axes rotate around invisible references, the brain is freezing, etc. In fact I can do that, but I also would be dead at the first turn if I had to apply the same logics when driving a vehicle.)

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