Re: Stepping up to 24V

Henk Aling

On Tue, Nov 23, 2021 at 01:28 PM, George Cushing wrote:
There are 2 voltage regulators on the D1 R32. The first is a MP1482 with 5V output, max input 18V. The second is a NCP1117 3.3V output max input 20V. so you are wise to keep the power in at 12V.

The screw terminal on the CNC3 is rated to 35V. To get power for the shield I've been tapping the mount lugs of the D1 R32's power jack.

Heating the lugs and giving the board a tap will clear the hole in them for connecting your leads. The leads can power your step up buck. This model seems to fit your needs and has screw terminals in and out.
Thanks George.  Most of the Wemos D1 R32 searches mention 5-12V input voltage so I will just stick with that and apply the 24V only to the CNCv3 input connector.  That should go just to the external inputs of the TMC2130s and nowhere else as far as I know.   I will receive the step-up converter next week. 

Thanks everyone for confirming that this should work (at least no one told me it will fry anything - I buy 2 of each usually so one failure is OK).

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