Re: R1

Drew 🔭📷🚴‍♂️

I am having some trouble understanding your problem. It may be lost in translation. Are you unable to install the ESP32 hardware in the Arduino IDE? The Wiki is a little misleading (I have corrected it), It is not a library but is hardware installed under the "boards manager".

Here is the relevant instructions from the Wiki:

You will need to have the ESP32 firmware installed. Under the menu File->Preferences open the dialog and add this line in the "Additional "Boards Manager URL's" text box: "," (no quotes). The ESP32 firmware can then be installed from the Hardware Manager in Arduino IDE. Select the "tools" tab, go down to the "Board:" selection. The "Boards manager" will be the top selection. Click it and enter "ESP32" into the search box. Install version 2.0.0 . This is very important! Later version have problems with the serial port that the Wemos uses.

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