Re: Sharpstar Mount and Onstep

Khalid Baheyeldin

Very interesting: a commercial mount with OnStep and an SHC too.

A couple of years ago, I predicted that vendor adoption of OnStep is inevitable.
The features are so good (and always getting better) for vendors not to make use of.

We now have at least two vendors doing that: Gemini Telescopes Design (GTD, the
makers of the E.Fric), and now Sharpstar Mark III.

As any good open source citizen is expected to do, Andras from Gemini Telescopes
contributed back to the OnStep community and proje+here. ct (in this case it is documentation,
there is also code, testing, and answering support questions).

Given the track record of Chinese companies in general (e.g. 3D printing community), contributing
back is not high on their list. Language may be one barrier.
But I hope I will be proven wrong on this.

Some notes:

The video mentions 9-star alignment and that means that the microcontroller used
can be anything other than Arduino Mega2560 or the original STM32F103 Blue Pill.
It is probably the ESP32 and one of the many variants available. Has two focusers
by the way.

They label the keys differently from what is on the Wiki. That will cause some confusion.
For example the center key is M, and f and F are F1 and F2 (they may have a point on
those latter two keys though)

There is no hole in the SHC case for flashing the SHC, so it is a chore to update the SHC

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