Re: OnStep Commercial ??

Khalid Baheyeldin

On Thu, Nov 25, 2021 at 10:03 PM, Prasad wrote:
Is this legal?
Yes, it is legal.

That is how your Android phone, your router, and probably your phone (if it is Android)
all work with Linux inside them.

The GPL license grants anyone the Four Freedoms which are the freedom to run, study,
modify, and distribute the software, with one proviso: they make available their modifications
to everyone, under the same terms, just like they got it from others.

See, the cost of replicating software (a virtual object that exists as bits on a storage medium
or web site) is zero, once it is written. This is different from hardware, where you will incur cost
of material, manufacturing, shipping, and so on, which go for any physical object.

Maybe the only part that is not legal, is the use of the OnStep logo on the SHC, since
that could be trademarked by Howard. Not a show stopper, really for them, they can
remove the logo altogether and replace it by Sharpstar.

Howard, I think you should trademark OnStep, and provide licenses for the use of
the name "OnStep" in products. Not sure if that will make you any money, but that
is how other projects operate (software license is not the same as trademark). Note
that companies in China may not care to add "powered by OnStep", but others elsewhere
may say value in being licensed by you. 

All that also means that you have to actively defend the trademark against use by others,
or else you lose the right for it.

I am no lawyer, so please consult one on all this.

More importantly is how companies that make money from free software contribute
back to it (by modifications, documentation, support or promotion). See the earlier
thread on the same mount for more.

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