Re: My Dobson project

Tomas de Mora

I have doubts about the correct choice of motors.
Suppose I keep the same pulley ratio
AZ 20-120
ALT 20-240
If I buy a planetary motor with 100: 1 reduction and 0.018 step angle (200 steps) and keep the microsteps in drivers at 32, the total reduction in AZ would be 100: 1 and 6: 1, a total reduction of 600: 1, transferring this data to the OnStep calculator.

Am I doing something wrong? If the data is correct, it is a brutal reduction that far exceeds the specifications of OnStep (61200), I also understand that to achieve 1º / sec of SLEWRATE, the AZ motor must turn at 12000RPM
and the ALT at ¡ 48000 !.
In this case, and maintaining that pulley ratio, would a motor with a 10: 1 or 20: 1 reduction be the correct thing to do?
Forgive for my ignorance, I am not an engineer, my profession is in the field of pharmacy and health.

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