Questions on Alignment and/or Plate solving alignment.


Hello and good evening.

I am using Onstep for a while now and i am really happy with it! I wanted to know if the initial star alignment over the Android App is necessary at all.

Using an old Android smartphone with the android app for the initial process and alignment. After that I am switching to my iPhone using SkySafari.
In the App there is an align button which i can use to "realign" the telescope which works quite well. Does this have got any effects on the onstep calculations internally? Or do i have to activate the "align" sequence to have got any effect?
Because if onstep is learning on each align, i would be able to do the initial star alignment directly with skysafari? Or an other app like stellarium?

An additional Question is that i saw a youtube video:

In this video the guy uses APT and plate solving for alignment. Is this possible in onstep, too? And this depends also to my first question... because in the video he does not do any initially star alignment at all.

Thank you in advance!


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