Re: Pulley ratio (same ratio with different pulley combinations)

Robert Benward

I want to add only one thing:  The smaller pulley/teeth sizes are limited by the shaft size.  You may find a gear set that may have a larger diameter output shaft than the input.  That shaft diameter will limit the minimum number of teeth you can fit around the pulley diameter.  The smallest pulley/teeth I could find for my planetary shaft (8mm) was significantly larger than the pulley/teeth for the 5mm shaft on the stepper.  So dropping a gearbox onto your stepper, may change the pulleys you choose.  I went for 1:1, so I needed a 20T 8mm bore, 6mm wide, and a 20T 6.35mm bore, 10mm wide. The 10mm width was to extend the reach of the shaft.  All part of the design & planning process.

As said before, stick to GT2.  More common, more sizes, and cheaper.

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