Re: DIY One Piece Wormblock for Losmandy GM8/G11

Alexander Varakin

Thank you, Peter, for your kind words. 
The spring is for spring-loaded worm. As you said, it is more trouble than it's worth. 
Eventually, I removed the springs and tightened up the screws.
The reason why I was trying spring-loaded worm is that the ring gears on my GM8 are not exactly circular, so in some areas, there is a lot of slop in the gear, and in some places, it is very tight.
I read somewhere that it is pretty common for GM8. I also have G11 and it does not have this problem.

Re: how I tension the belt:
You should be able to see the slots for motor mounting screws, so I have some wiggle room for moving the motor in and out. Otherwise, I don't have anything else. Counterintuitively, it is not a good idea to tighten the belt too much. 
See this video about belt tensioning of AP mounts:
BTW, I like the arrangement of the holes on the motor bracket of the AP mount, you just have to rotate the motor to change the belt tensioning.

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