About me and wondering about the MaxSTM and stand alone stepper drivers, some questions


OK now I am new to astronomy and telescopes. My 3 year old knows more about the solar system, star clusters, galaxies all by name or number, more than
I learned in two semester of stellar astronomy last year. He even taught himself to read watching solar system vids, vids on stars and nebula's on youtube.
So basically I got into this because of him, and his love for stars and planets.

I am a machinist and welder. Retired Army, retired professional skydiver/tandem instructor.
I have build many cnc mills, lathes, routers and a plasma cutter.

I was into electronics in my younger days, so the assembly of the boards and components is not a big deal.

I have two 6 inch f6 Newtonian's that believe it or not saw in a trash pile while driving down the road.
I took them apart, watch several videos on the mirrors cleaning and telescope maintenance and have them working just fine

A couple of shots of the moon

.I know its only the moon, but its a start.

So now I have built a modified horseshoe eq mount for it. I also have quite a few stepper drivers, and nema 23 and 34 steppers from upgrades and from older cnc machine projects.
From looking at the MaxSTM board is seems I can just pic up the step dir and pull lines straight from the socket for the TMC2130 drivers and take them to my stand alone drivers.
I know my steppers are going to be more power than I need for this project, I also know that I have a ton of torque, and I can run a pretty decent gear ratio that will give me fast slews
and yet pretty accurate smooth slower rates to track objects for some astrophotography.

OH well my question got burried in there......so if I pick up the 3 control lines and run to my stand alone stepper driver, will the MaxSTM board be okay with that or does it look for a response from the TMC2130 drivers?
I am unfamiliar with these smaller drivers used in the 3d printers.


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