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Glenn Sammes

Cheers mate!
Board manager was out of date. Used 2.0.0 because yours is working and mine is not. Figure I am the one with the "problem".
Notice there are newer versions now works!
Had to change board from ESP32s ... despite what the WIKI says to ESP32 development board. Would not work as ESP32S.
ESP 32 development has more upload options and when compiled / uploaded has far lower memory usage. More free.
Still looking for SPI 2.4" info. I am only at the breadboard stage and will be making my final on "veroboard" to be fitted in
An old 1980's TV remote control case. You have to use what you have after all.
Going to be a hot one here today (NZ). Thanks for the support.
Be good.

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Splash screen means it rebooting. Most likely cause is an incorrect board manager version (2.0.0 works for me) or possibly insufficient power.

On 2022-01-08 11:34 a.m., Glenn Sammes wrote:
That’s ditto for me too on the 2.42" SPI display. other unit (s); I have 2 breadboard prototyped; with 1.3" display go through a loop of splash screen, connecting, fails to connect, splash screen over and over.
I have latest SWS with port 9996 enabled. Blue pill stm32f303 / wemos D1 mini. Connects fine to laptop SWS, Stellarium and android app.
wSHC board is ESP32-WR00M-32 Node MCU-32S.
Any ideas?

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Apologies for probably being a pain in the butt, but where is the SPI enabled SHC code? I am building a protoboard implementation of the SHC/2.42inOLEd system and would enjoy testing the software. I have previously built the I2C 1.3in ESP32 version, which works (!!!). I am using the larger T-shaped Hammond case (luxury I know).
Thanks, James Albinson

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