Re: New User - Encoders


There is some discussion of the use of encoders to optimise tracking rates in the Wiki under "control" Encoder Support - "Another encoder add-on option is tracking rate control for Eq mounts.  For this a high resolution encoder (exceeding arc-second accuracy and near arc-second resolution) on the RA axis is required.  The encoder tick rate is measured and this is used to adjust OnStep's tracking rate for the RA axis to compensate for gear PE/NPE etc.  There are several options to average encoder rate measurements and to visualize the encoder rate vs. OnStep's tracking rate.  Corrections to OnStep's tracking are issued as guide commands.  This is still an experimental feature at this point so feel free to try it out and report you results (as I will continue to do.)"

But as said I want to first walk and get using the mount.  The pictures below show the alt axis fitted with a DC servo/harmonic drive (RGH14) as I have retrofitted the CNC and Lathe over the years I have plenty of different options for stepper motor size from NEMA 17 to 42.  Sorry no scale, the main HMD unit is around 180mm diameter. Barry

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