How to double increase torque with silent stepper driver LV8729 #configuration #bluepill


Hi everyone, i have a question and need your support, please help. Im building my FORK mount ,it will carry a 20kg binoscope and maybe bigger equipment in future. I already have two 57x57 1.5A step motor that make me concern about the torque because it's all small motor . Besides, i have two LV8729 that saticify me with its super silent operation.
So, i have an ideal to double increase torque power for two axis. This will be two 57x57 step motor with two LV8729 driver for axis 1 and the same configuration for axis 2.
My questions is :
1. For examples bellow circuit, can i use both two LV8729 with two motor for 1 axis at same time ?
2. For big ,heavy system, if i have good mechanical design, can i use small and low torque stepper motor ?
Thank you.

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