Glenn Sammes

Hi Guys,


I am after some guidance re: wireless SHC.

I have bread boarded 2 of them. Intend to make final on VERO (strip board).

CPU is ESP32…ESP-WR00m-32 or node MCU-32s

Currently using 1.3” displays.

Blue pill using  STM32F303 transplant. OnStep working well. Latest firmware.


The thing is the wSHC do connect and work OK.

THE PROBLEM is they can take 3 to 6 minutes to connect. Everything is 57600 baud.


Starting WIFI :ONSTEP then Restart WIFI: Failed repeated on the display until the connection is made.

Android app, SWS or Stellarium are almost instant.


Also… there is in the firmware settings for an analog joystick and a pin map to go with it.

Anyone got a hardware schematic to match?






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