Re: Question on Torque, Currents, steppers, voltages, CONFIG settings

Ken Hunter

I am in communication with someone that has first-hand experience with Ealing mounts.

His comments are that the mount could be ridden by someone and still be able to slew.
Guy has stated that the mount NEVER was able to slew and that it was PUSH-TO only.
There appears to be a difference in what the facts are so I am hoping to find some way 
to get down to the basic situation. I'm told that the Ealing mount has a "Clutch knob" at
the SOUTH end of the RA Axis but NO Movable weights on that AXIS. ROUGH Balance
was the best you could do by installing or removing heavy weights inside the Dec Counter
Weight casting. Supposedly the rough balance was good enough since the Drive apparently
had plenty of torque to move mountains. He mentioned something I had forgotten and 
that some steppers need a small weight added to the shaft (flywheel) to keep kinetic
energy up to the point where the flywheel can help the motor avoid resonance and 

We are going to get this working eventually. My suggestion at this time would be to investigate 
adding a small flywheel to the motor shaft, extending the ramp time and since you have a 24V
power source, give that a try but the motor current is defined by the drivers so I would not
expect that the increased voltage would have as much effect as a flywheel on the stepper
shaft. I would also disconnect the RA Drive by releasing the clutch to verify the motor can at
least drive the gearing up to the big worm gear on the RA axis.

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