Re: How to double increase torque with silent stepper driver LV8729 #configuration #bluepill

John Petterson

A couple of thoughts.

I would worry that if one of the drivers missed a step pulse and they got out of sync the two motors could end up fighting one another.  Some 3d printer boards (the FYSETC S6 is one) have multiple outputs for the Z axis, and they do it by putting the two motors in series connected to a single driver.  I think that would be a safer design because then you know they are being driven the same.  You might have to do something with the voltage to that driver to make certain the motors were being driven with enough voltage.

Having said that - as long as your mount is reasonable in terns of friction and the scope is balanced in altitude, there should not be enough load to require multiple motors.  We have many mounts with payloads that high and higher that are running with NEMA 17 motors.

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