Re: Question on Torque, Currents, steppers, voltages, CONFIG settings

George Cushing

-14 here this morning. Sue says it's 84°F at her rocker in the south parlor window. Solar tempered indeed.

Torque and current go hand in hand as do stator length. Commonly available NEMA 23s run from 1-4A and 41 to 112mm long.  Holding torque for a typical 41mm 1.5A 23 would be 6Kg/cm and detent torque 300g/cm. As the torque available at low speeds equals the holding torque minus two times the detent torque this motor will make about 5.4Kg/cm. A 112mm long 4A NEMA 23 could produce 28Kg/cm. A 0.3A NEMA 23 sounds like a special order. Probably maxes out at 1-2Kg/cm.

Your typical NEMA 17 will give you 5Kg/cm. It's only when you need more than 6Kg/cm that you should be shopping NEMA 23s and bigger amps.

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