Re: DIY One Piece Wormblock for Losmandy GM8/G11


Hi Bob, I dont really know as it was second hand to me.  I have got the mount out from the store and remeasured.  The original was 8mm thick and my replacement (in clear anodized) is 12mm.  I also made up and fitted an extension block to help the axis hitting the motor.  At the time I did this I had been looking at variations in worm and axis rotation hence the rather neat canon encoder attached to the worm shaft (81,000 ppr) and the Heidenhain ERN180 encoder and IBV interpolation box giving if I recall right around 6 million ppr.  These were all obtained very cheap on ebay.  Unfortunately my plans to use the mount on a pier in my garden have been put on hold due to new light pollution issues where I live.   As you can see the system has dc servos on at the moment, my real interests with OnStep are to use it to finally finish a large harmonic drive mount thats been on the go for the past 20 years and to make a smaller mount I can set up in the field.


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