Re: Wemos D1 R32 - Need info on Arduino IDE Config

Jamie Flinn

Hi All...
New boards arrived today and they immediately connect and can upload, so my original was duff! - I have loaded both OnStep X and 4.24 - can connect when the CNC3 borad is not connected - once I connect the board and power it up, Bluetooth device disappears  - I suspect there is a conflict when the CNC3 is attached and powered.... has anyone seen this before?

1) power wemos D1 R32 from 12v power  with no CNC3 attached = stable connection
2) power CNC3 from 12v and shunt power to wemos with CNC3 attached  = bluetooth for a short bit then it goes out

I was able to power and drive motors for a few rotations  but then the BT goes out and so too does the driving of RA (so I know it is more than juts BT going down)  - when this happens my phone can no longer see the BT device

Thoughts?....thank in advance

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