Re: Motors not reversing with Control in Sky Planetarium

John Petterson

Let's identify where the problem is.  Try downloading a different planetarium program and use that instead.  Cartes du Ciel is one option for PC, there are others.

Do the motors run in correct/both directions when you have it slew to a location?  From one of you comments it appears they do not.  I suspect your cables, I had a similar issue but these tests below can help confirm that.

Assuming that you have verified the jumpers on the FYSETC are set correctly (see Kevin's comment):

What is the overall configuration?  Do you have a Wifi or network add on?  Using the Android App or the web interface can be helpful if either are available.

If you set

     #define AXIS1_DRIVER_REVERSE          ON

     #define AXIS2_DRIVER_REVERSE          ON


and then reload the software, does the direction change?  If not, then it is probably the cables - hard to point to driver cards if 4 of them are behaving the same.

And remember that movements around the pole can be confusing for a GEM.  See question 2 in the FAQ.

You can also send movement commands directly to the OnStep via the USB using the Arduino serial monitor (I think, someone will correct this if I am remembering incorrectly).  See the command protocol page of the Wiki.


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