Re: Started new OnStep hardware design


ok, now Khalid i never ever said that the boards have a short coming. I don't know why you keep arguing that point.

#2 I never said that you could not use an external driver, in fact I did state that i am currently using my MaxSTM in the capacity to test using external steppers and larger or more powerful steppers.

#3 I never said I HAD to modify the code. I stated I was going to modify the code so that steppers that use a digital input that allows changing microsteps could be used.

Why are you so against me doing a project on my own? You have been going after me since I posted this thread. I have never said anything that you keep claiming.

What I did say was i was doing it for me, and it will keep from buying partsĀ  not needed, and shorten build time plus save a few bucks.

Please just stop. If you are against anyone doing anything on their own, so be it but stop attacking please.

David Mikesell
San Jose, CA

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