Re: ZWO harmonic drive


Having made several harmonic drive based mounts I can tell you that the upsides are: Way more efficiency than worms, which is why you can do away with counterweights (in most cases).  Zero backlash. And compactness.  Also the large periodic error is very long so it's easy to guide out. A properly designed PEC curve should completely eliminate it due to it's long and very repeatable nature

It has allowed me to get a large capacity in a very small package.  My issues are more of flexure, but that is my own engineering and design fault, nothing to do with harmonic drives.  I suspect ZWOs mount also will suffer some flexure do to it's small size vs capacity.

The main downside is expense.  Also, how many precision industrial robots are using worm drives?

Ive also made mounts with byers gears, so I have no opposition to the tried and true, but for compactness and torque, you'd be hard pressed to find something better.

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