Re: Slew problem


From your config you have
AXIS1_STEPS_PER_DEGREE       48000.0
so presumably you have a 360 tooth worm on axis1.
if you have a 200 step motor 48000/200 = 240 so you have a combination of gearbox and microstepping =240.
there is a  note // Configured for G11 with 16:60 pulley gearing and 1/32 microstepping which is still only 120 and doesn't match you settings unless you have 400 step motors.
the micro-stepping is set to 16 so have a 3.75 :1 gearbox on each axis. does that make 48000.0 wrong?

what steps per rev are the motor?
what ratio on each axis gear
what worm axis1?
What worm  axis2?

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