Which controller to use for next OnStep build?


Hello everyone.

My first and only OnStep build was with an MKS Gen-L v2.0 board and TMC2209 drivers.  Everything works very well, other than my slew speed is limited to 1.1 deg/s at 32 microsteps (with these Non-SPI drivers the microstep value must be fixed). 

When I first built the board, I wanted to do near zero soldering.  Now I am much more comfortable with soldering and de-soldering, and have no reservations with assembling components.

I would like to build a faster board BUT, likely keep the TMC2209 drivers since I have extras.  I see that the TMC5160's are now a fortune (and unavailable), and the TMC2130's not as good for heat and higher amperage rating.

From everything I have read, and the many, many posts I have seen of the various boards, here are my brief thoughts:

Fystec - Great all-around, but seems to be vulnerable to screw-ups and finicky about flashing the software.
Wemos R32 / CNC V3 - Seems like Ken Hunter or George Cushing has these as a package which is very convenient.  But I have seen many posts with difficulties and unpredictability with these boards.
STM32 Blue Pill - I cannot find the STM32F303 anywhere.  The CPU is available, but I am NOT desoldering and soldering such small traces to replace the CPU like others have done.
The Mini and Max  - These are my top two choices.  Teensy 4.0 is readily available on Amazon which leads me towards the MiniPCB.  The MaxSTM looks to require the STM32 CPU, though there are many versions.  Is this the correct one https://tinyurl.com/3xzau3hz?

Welcome all opinions and votes!


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