Re: Which controller to use for next OnStep build?

Chris Whitener

I have just finished a comparison of three boards.  FYSETC S6, MaxESP32, and MiniPCB2.  I am waiting for Howard to review.

The result is that with careful settings all three boards seem to work fine for me, slewing a 65lb scope at 3degrees/second.

Personally the choices are not about slew speed.  The 3d boards are changed at whatever point the 3d community needs them.  I already have 3 different versions of the FYSETC.

Of the Howard designs, I like the ESP32 based unit(MaxESP3).  It reflashes easily and has plenty of speed.

The Teensy(4.0) based board has an internal RTC and is the runner up only because the signal to the stepper cannot be set to pulse which may mean nothing to most setups.

All the STM 

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