Re: Which controller to use for next OnStep build?

Khalid Baheyeldin

On Mon, Jan 17, 2022 at 02:17 PM, Otto wrote:
Fystec - Great all-around, but seems to be vulnerable to screw-ups and finicky about flashing the software.
Screw-ups that happened, from what I remember, is not setting the USB 5V jumper correctly while connecting 12V.

It is finnicky when flashing only if you have a chatty GPS (NEO 7M). You need to try several times, but eventually the board will come up in DFU mode.
If you use the ATGM336H GPS, there is no such issue.
Just make sure you insert the USB cable into the PC side before you power up with the Boot0 jumper set to flashing.

One downside for the FYSETC S6 is that if you want it with all the toppings, wiring can become a nightmare.
You will need a daughter perfboard, and lots of wires coming out from the S6 to that daughter board.
If you don't use things like thermometers, weather sensor, ST4 port, ...etc. this is not an issue.

Wemos R32 / CNC V3 - Seems like Ken Hunter or George Cushing has these as a package which is very convenient.  But I have seen many posts with difficulties and unpredictability with these boards.
I agree that there are many posts with issues with these boards. I think it is largely due to the very wide variability of manufacturing quality by different outfits that make them.

STM32 Blue Pill - I cannot find the STM32F303 anywhere.  The CPU is available, but I am NOT desoldering and soldering such small traces to replace the CPU like others have done.
The pandemic has made the STM32F103 module very scarce and very hard to find.
I have a spare module that you can have for $5 plus shipping ($12 to $15?), but that means it will be too expensive for what it is.

The replacement faster and more capable STM32F303CC from RobotDyn is also out of stock.

The Mini and Max  - These are my top two choices.  Teensy 4.0 is readily available on Amazon which leads me towards the MiniPCB.  The MaxSTM looks to require the STM32 CPU, though there are many versions.
If you don't need the additional features of a Max, then the MiniPCB is a tried and tested board.
George Cushing sells them.

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