Re: Started new OnStep hardware design

Robert Benward

I didn't hear an attack, but I do hear someone who is not listening.  Khalid is just telling you what you want to design, is already existing.  Khalid is, as I am, at a loss to understand what you are trying to do, that the MaxSTM doesn't do.  You might not like how he is saying it (I did not detect an attitude, but persistence), but you need to listen to what he is saying none the less.  Khalid spends a lot of time on these boards keeping many of us amateurs builders (including me) from running off the rails.  I think you need to respect that.  When he stops talking, is when I worry.

This medium is very difficult sometimes to communicate in, you need to give others the benefit of the doubt (that's why we invented smiley faces (:_>)  ).


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