Duplicate Boards everywhere #wemos


Hey Everyone,
So, Many of you supported me last year during my build of the Wemos+CNCV3 OnStep build which worked well, but even back then I was reporting the issue of having to reset the board everytime I connect the USB, otherwise the OnStep Panel wan't "seeing" the board and failed to connect. Well, a friend of mine who was visiting narrowed down the issue to "Duplicate"/"Clone" Wemos Board which I had purchased. They look exactly like the original, obviously, but the CH340 chips are unmarked and no way to tell what they actually are. Obviously since this friend of mine has experience soldering SMD components, he will be getting genuine chips and resoldering. He also suspects the ESP32 mdule on the Wemos is face. 
Beware Guys, just thought you'd all wanna know.

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