Re: Motors not reversing with Control in Sky Planetarium

Gerry Byrne

I have tested the Axis One circuits and I am getting a short between pins 1 and 2, and 3 and 4 on the board.  That translates to 1 and 3, and 2 and 4 on the motor, given the way I have wired the pins.  (If wired 1,2,3,4 on both the board and the motor they make an incredible racket).

I am still bench testing so I cannot get a fix on a star. I have Axis One attached to the scope (a Dob) in the lounge while axis 2 sits elegantly on a coffee table. Axis One has fixed wires attached to connectors (as above) while axis 2 wires can be easily moved around on the board socket thanks to temporary connectors.

My latest test shows Axis One goes East no matter what I press. It goes east when tracking (I can reverse this by repositioning wires although it then always goes West and never East). It also goes east whenever I give it a Go Go command from the Sky Planetarium chart. It still goes East when I give a Go To command which should logically require a Westerly component. And it goes East no matter what I press on the EW parameters of the Ascom Control Box. When I press E or W it goes East. And when I press SS on the control box it slowly pulses and moves East.

Axis two displays similar behaviour. It will only go in one direction. This behaviour is also replicated on both motors when I send commands (:Mn#, :Ms#, :Me#, :Mw# and :Q#) via Serial Monitor.

I have tried Khalid's suggestions to give it time to reverse without consequence. Movement is one direction only.

On 19/01/2022 00:06, John Petterson wrote:

If you can unplug the cable from the controller, leave it plugged into the motor, and you see continuity between the pairs - pins 1 and 2 should show a short, and pins 3 and 4 should show a short.  Then the cable is probably fine.

I understand about letting the magic smoke out of parts as you work on this stuff - I think I have thrown out at least 5 or 6 FYSETC boards during my development.

If the motor runs in the same direction for both ease and west commands, and north and south commands, it is unlikely to change directions after running for some time.  I think Khalid  was thinking they ran one way and then did not move for some time when you reversed - in that case it might be backlash.

Have you tried selecting a star and having the mount move to that star, track which direction each motor turns, and then move back to Polaris and see if the directions change?  I am still trying to make certain it is not a software issue somewhere.



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